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Lyrics: Straight No Chaser - Who Spiked The Eggnog?

Who Spiked The Eggnog?
Straight No Chaser

It was Christmas Eve
My friends were all in town
We were singing Christmas carols
As the snow was falling down

And I don't know for certain
how it happened, or who's to blame.
But someone at that party
Ought to be ashamed.

Tell me who, who spiked the eggnog?
I know the culprits here.
Who, who brought the booze?
To the Christmas party this year.
(Who spiked the eggnog!)
Tell me who, who spiked the eggnog?
It smells like rum in here.
Who, who snuck it in?
Were gonna feel it tomorrow I fear.

The first round went down easy,
The second, one nice and smooth.
By the third my head was spinning around.
And that's when I got the clue

To tell me who, who spiked the eggnog?
Come on and show your face.
Who, who brought the sauce?
Look out, I'm on the case!

(Hey! Was it Randy?)
With a flask of brandy?
He was by the bar!
(What about Rome?)
He was all alone!
Hey I saw Dan,
With a bottle in his hand!

Tell me who, who spiked the eggnog?
They've all got guilty eyes.
Who, who's got the grog?
Its gotta be one of these guys!
(We like the eggnog!)
(More eggnog!)

Chuck and Seggie were sneaking around,
Mike looked guilty to me.
Tylers curled up on the couch
Might have been Walt,
Could have been Walt,
Probably was Walt,
Must have been Walt.

Hey! Don't look at me!
I just got here!

Tell me who, who spiked the eggnog?
I know the culprit is here.
Who, who's been hiding the hooch?
At the Christmas party this year.
(We love the eggnog!)

Tell me who spiked the eggnog?
Tell me, tell me who could it be?
Hey, its pretty good stuff!
Who knows it could have been me!

Single was part of their second studio album "Christmas Cheers" released on November 3, 2009.

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