Monday, December 23, 2013

Lyrics: Suprano ft. Claire Willis - Holding On

Holding On
Suprano ft. Claire Willis

It's hard for me to understand
Everything changes for a reason
I'm holding on with both my hands
I feel your love just slip away

Letting go to a love that has no meaning
Holding on to a love that's in the dark
Looking back I would hold on to this feeling
Funny how we both now we've grown apart

Will this feeling ever end
Cos I still feel you here with me
And my heart won't beat again
I know that I'll never let you go

Lyrics courtesy of Claire Willis. Single released October 14, 2013 on Diverted Music with remixes by Ian Standerwick, NatLift, Mosahar and Reiklavik.

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Holding On (DIVM086):
Holding On (Ian Standerwick Remix)
Holding On (Ian Standerwick Dub Remix)
Holding On (Original Mix)
Holding On (NatLife U-Mix)
Holding On (Mosahar Remix)
Holding On (Reiklavik Remix)

Probably one of our most sought after records over the last month or so - and this package is seriously hot! We welcome to the label Suprano and the beautiful vocals of Claire Willis who bring us their hotly tipped vocal bomb, Holding On. With a selection of mixes from progressive to full on uplifting trance - this package contains some serious talent to burn! Ian Standerwick is seriously cruising to the top with his healthy workbook of productions right now, and he has turned in a serious belter of a remix! Already championed by Armin van Buuren and supported by Aly & Fila on their Future Sound of Egypt radio show on Digitally Imported, Ian's remix (also complete with a dub) has really created a big stir amongst the DJ elite! After a long break, we welcome back NatLife to the label! It's a been a long time, but NatLife has created a very diverse remix with different concepts from the original - so check this out! Still packs a punch! If you're after the progressive tip - then head for the Mosahar remix - a deep, seductive progressive bomb that will quench those early dance floors into rhapsody. Finally, we have Reiklavik who turns in a pumping remix to add to his collection of trance anthems! Serious package here and something for everyone!