Friday, December 20, 2013

Lyrics: Wet Wet Wet - Goodnight Girl

Classic Fridays
Goodnight Girl
Wet Wet Wet

You hear me so clearly
And see how I try
You feel me, so heal me
And tear me apart

And I won't tell a soul
I won't tell at all
And do they have to know
About my goodnight girl

Caught up in your wishing well
You hopes inside it
Take your love and promises
And make them last(you make them last)

You keep me so near you
And see me so far
And hold me and send me
And deep in your heart

Repeat Bridge & Chorus

Repeat Chorus

It doesn't matter how sad
I made you
Doesn't matter how hard
I try
Just remember the same
Old reason
Reflected in your eyes
You said you wanted me

Repeat Chorus 2x

Third single from Wet Wet Wet's fourth studio album "High on the Happy Side" released on December 23, 1991. Track hit #1 on the UK Singles and Irish Chart.
Written by Graeme Clark.
The band is composed of Marti Pellow (vocals), Tommy Cunningham (drums, vocals), Graeme Clark (bass, vocals) and Neil Mitchell (keyboards, vocals).

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