Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lyrics: Yuri Kane ft. Sopheary - Obsession

Yuri Kane ft. Sopheary

Laced in the thought of you
I can’t escape, this longing
(It tears me up inside)

I've try to forget you
But still I fall into this yearning-
(I wish I didn't feel -a- thing)

Wish you could free me
(A thing)
Wish you could heal me
(A thing)

It's in the open
You're my obsession
My minds a haze of you

Lyrics courtesy of Yuri Kane. Single will be released January 6, 2014 as a Beatport exclusive.

Yuri Kane - website | Facebook | MySpace | VKontakte | YouTube | @YuriKane
Sopheary - Facebook | MySpace | YouTube | @SophearyMusic

With some of the most beautiful Vocal tracks in the scene Yuri Kane has established himself as one of the most consistent producers in the vocal Trance community delivering one strong release after another.
From "Right Back" - single of the year on ASOT a couple of years ago to "Daylight" with Melissa Loretta and "Love Comes" with Jeza Yuri Kane stays on top of his game! Here together with Sopheary, "Obsession" is one more testimony of just how tasty his music really is.