Friday, January 3, 2014

Lyrics: Ad Brown ft. Antonia Lucas - Run To You

Run To You
Ad Brown ft. Antonia Lucas

Maybe I should leave this town tonight,
Walk the lonely streets until it’s light,
What would you see if you’d only take the time,
What would you see that might make you change our mind...

I’m gonna run to you,
Taking you over, bring you down,
I’m gonna run to you,
Leaving you open to me now,
I’m gonna make my move,
Bringing down into my world,
Taking you over and in line,
Taking you over...

Maybe I should leave this town behind,
Find a place for me and don’t go looking back,
Maybe I’ll pretend that you’re long gone,
But when I’m trying to breathe without you, I can’t move on...

Single is part of Ad Brown's debut album "Something For the Pain" released December 2, 2013 on Black Hole Recordings.

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Antonia Lucas -

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