Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lyrics: Justin Oh ft. Jonny Rose - City Lights

City Lights
Justin Oh ft. Jonny Rose

In the city lights
it's time to say goodbye
You're lost on the freeway
the colors are changing

In the city lights
it's time to say goodbye
Don't try to follow me
'cause I'm just a memory...

Single release January 13, 2014 on Beatport, January 27 on iTunes.

Justin Oh - website | Facebook | @justinohmusic
Jonny Rose - website | Facebook | SoundCloud | @jonny_rose

City Lights (ARR058):
City Lights (Original Mix)

With "City Lights", South Korean artist Justin Oh follows up on his previously released single "Where The Lights Fall" on Arrival, taken from his acclaimed "The Time Traveller" album. Justin has teamed up with US vocalist Jonny Rose for this single.

A truly haunting bassline and a frisky beat introduce the track, and mesmerizing background synths intrigue the listener. The break features the introduction of lush synth lines, and Jonny's refreshing vocal emerges in a beautiful context. The song continues with a high level of energy, as well as the pumping bassline and captivating vocal stab effects.