Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lyrics: Thomas Datt ft. Ben Lost - Dead Machines

Dead Machines
Thomas Datt ft. Ben Lost

The judgments that you make
Are corpses from your well
They float in the shallows
They float in the shallows

The perspective that you take
The body you decay
Floats in the shallows
You float in the shallows

You're using dead machine's to measure
living things

Select the points
Inject the tracers
Before the camera
Through your veins
She moves again, meridian

In the center of your lake
The darkest shades of blue
You drag the waters
You drag the waters

Your spirit fossilized
My wings beneath the clay
Throw out the water
Your dirty water

You're using dead machine's to measure
living things

Single was part of Datt's album "Picking Up The Pieces" released October 29, 2012 on Discover Records. Track was then released as the 100th single on February 25, 2013 along with Narani.

Thomas Datt - website | Facebook | iTunes | MixCloud | MySpace | SoundCloud | @YouTube | @ThomasDatt
Ben Lost - website | Beatport | Discogs | Facebook | SoundCloud

Dead Machines / Narani (Discover 100):
Dead Machines (Club Mix)
Dead Machines (Original Mix)
Narani (Original Mix)
Narani (Matthew Dunne Remix)

For our 100th single release we wanted something special in terms of artist and tracks together with something that sums up the ethos of the label. Without much deliberation we decided on Thomas Datt who first released with us on Discover and who had a huge end to 2012 with his critically acclaimed debut artist album "Picking Up The Pieces". His collaboration with Federations Ben Lost initially featured on the album in its original form fusing chillout with breaks and dark and poignant vocals. This mix features on the single package but the lead track here is Thomas brand new club mix which brings it back into 4 to the floor territory whilst loosing nothing of its dark and gritty vibe. We have also included Narani. A long time unreleased favorite from Datt's live and radio shows whilst finishing up with a remixer who has been exciting us for a while now, "Matthew Dunne", who turns in s great take on Narani.

Picking Up The Pieces (DISCOVERCD19):
01. Thomas Datt - 1983
02. Thomas Datt - Across the Edge
03. Thomas Datt - Long Distance
04. Thomas Datt ft. Ben Heyworth - Here and Now
05. Thomas Datt - Lost
06. Thomas Datt - Narani
07. Thomas Datt - Evaporate (Part 2)
08. Thomas Datt - Stay Together
09. Thomas Datt - When Hope Fails
10. Thomas Datt - Letting Go
11. Thomas Datt - Its in the Past
12. Thomas Datt ft. Ben Lost - Dead Machines
13. Thomas Datt - Still Alone
14. Thomas Datt - Mass Effect 2.5
15. Thomas Datt - Picking Up The Pieces (Continuous Mix)
16. Thomas Datt - Alone (Robert Nickson Alternative Mix)
17. Thomas Datt ft. Senadee - Speed of Light (Thomas Datt Remix)

Thomas Datt has been one of the most exciting trance producers of the last decade. He is one of a very small band of producers who still believes in quality over quantity and his sound, whilst being instantly recogniseable as "his" sound, is totally original to him. With Thomas it is all about emotion and with "Picking Up The Pieces" he wears his heart on his sleeve as he takes you on a musical journey that is essentially the soundtrack to his life. The album itself has been crafted to meticulous detail and flows from trance, through to chillout drawing on a range of cross genre influences that ultimately delivers one of the most exciting artist albums we have heard in a very long time. The digital version of the album includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks that do not feature on the CD version of the album.