Monday, February 17, 2014

Lyrics: Allen & Envy and Sarah Lynn - Save Your Last Breath

Save Your Last Breath
Allen & Envy and Sarah Lynn

Do not dream
Don't close your eyes
Do not dwell here
For they might find you

Take a breath
You need to breathe
The winds will try to change you

You'd save your last breath for me
Now my sky is open
And we are free

Lyrics courtesy of Sir Adrian. Single will be released on February 24, 2014 on How Trance Works

Allen & Envy - website | Facebook | SoundCloud | @allenandenvy
Sarah Lynn - Facebook

Allen & Envy, one of the hottest trance duo's at this time, consisting of UK based Steve Allen and Scott Envy (Stole The Sun, Silhouette), deliver their newest release on How Trance Works.
'Save Your Last Breath' is their follow-up to their collaboration with Sarah Lynn 'Silhouette', one of Armin van Buuren's favorite trancers of 2013! It's the ultimate combination of energetic and powerfully driven Trance music and enchanting, emotional vocals, performed by Irish songbird, Sarah Lynn.
Allen & Envy and Sarah Lynn - Save Your Last Breath is the track you'd save your last breath for.