Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lyrics: George Acosta ft. Shakeh - These Dreams

These Dreams
George Acosta ft. Shakeh

These dreams, they seem so real
As I fade away
I slip into the night and stars align
And that day
It takes me where I've never been before
A place my eyes haven’t seen before
It's beautiful
So beautiful
So beautiful

Between the shades of light
I shine so bright
I lean into the sky and shine so bright
I don't hesitate
It takes me where I've never been before
A place my eyes haven't seen before
It's beautiful
So beautiful
So beautiful

Single is part of George Acosta's EP "Some Of Me" released on December 16, 2013 on Black Hole Recordings. The Richard Durand Remix is part of "In Search Of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas" released June 3, 2013.

George Acosta - website | Facebook | YouTube | @GeorgeAcosta
Shakeh - website | Facebook | G+ | Instagram | MixCloud | Pinterest | SoundCloud | @shakeh

Some Of Me (BH6000):
01. George Acosta ft. Kate Walsh - Nite Time (George Acosta Time of Nite Remix)
02. George Acosta ft. Quilla - We All Get Lost Sometimes (Original Mix)
03. George Acosta ft. Shakeh - These Dreams (Original Mix)
04. George Acosta - Time Stood Still (Original Mix)

George Acosta is back with a new EP called 'Some of Me' on the Black Hole Recordings imprint. With Kate Walsh, Quilla and Ben Hague he has made some upbeat and anthem-like progressive house tracks, while his collaboration with Shakeh is a fierce trancer. With 'Some of Me' George Acosta really shows his versatility as a DJ and producer.

George Acosta can definitely be called a driving force in the dance music industry with his over 20 years of experience. He has been reinventing himself and getting stronger with each new release. George started his DJ career as a local DJ in his hometown Miami. With his popularity growing on South beach, and the rising stars of DJ's such as Erik Morillo and Roger Sanchez George became interested in producing dance music as well. His track 'Planet Soul' was his ticket into stardom. He also became known for the wonderful emotional rollercoaster he takes his fans on during live sets. His own radio show, The Lost World was a logical step in his ever-evolving career, just like the start of his own label called ACOmusic. With new releases coming up George Acosta is going to prove he's still on top.