Monday, February 24, 2014

Lyrics: Mark Khoen and Emma Lock - Something in You

Something in You
Mark Khoen & Emma Lock

Joining the dots to dots
The stars illuminate pictures in my mind
I am so scared right now of crossing that line
Opening the doors feelings that I left behind
But this is a puzzle worth making
Finding the pieces that are missing
A profound awakening from a winter hibernation
A coma of isolation

And these flowers they bloom
They reach so high touching so high in your sunlight
There’s something in you
That reminds me
Of where I or't to be
There’s something in you
That reminds me
Of what it felt like to be in love
There’s something in you

Holding the magnification
I can barely stand still catch me as I fall
I know you can
On this tight rope that I am walking
Balancing the feeling
Seeing you in front of me
Yet seeing you in front of me
Keeps me safe and sound

Lyrics courtesy of Emma Lock. Single released October 24, 2013 on Ghost Flower Records.

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