Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lyrics: Andrew Rayel ft. Alexandra Badoi - Goodbye

Andrew Rayel ft. Alexandra Badoi

Open your doors,
Ready your angels
Maybe she falls...
Give her two wings,
Teach her to fly,
No fear and no tears,
She'll say just goodbye...

Without your love
All is a lie,
There's cold and pain inside,
You fade that shining light...
Please stop her,
Before she says goodbye...

Lyrics courtesy of Alexandra Badoi. Track premiered during ASOT650NL. Single is included in "A State of Trance 2014" to be release March 26, 2014 on Armada Music.
Update (05/30/14) - Track is included in Andrew Rayel's debut album "Find Your Harmony"

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Over 2 years of work, dedication, late nights, touring, exams, and much more, nothing in the world could have stoped me from finishing my first artist album!! A dream I once had has come to reality, and all thanks to YOU!! My lovely #Rayelfamily. I wouldn't have been able to do this without your massive support and love. Last but not least a huge thanks goes to all the staff at Armada Music, as well as all the artists & vocalists I've had the pleasure in collaborating with for the album. I am proud and honored to announce that on May 30th, 2014 , "FIND YOUR HARMONY" WILL BE OUT on my home label Armada Music.