Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lyrics: Ferrin & Morris ft. Hysteria! - Changes

Ferrin & Morris ft. Hysteria!

Yesterday´s visions
have caught my mind today
for just a few seconds
I felt so far away

What if I had stayed there
instead of going away
If I'd followed this future
I was facing yesterday

I don´t regret
You only come back
in my yesterday´s visions.

Single released February 3, 2014 (Beatport) and February 17, 2014 (All other Stores) on Transistic Records

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Hysteria! - Facebook | MySpace | SoundCloud | @Hysteeeria

Changes (TSC028):
Changes (Original Mix)

Ferrin & Morris strike back again!
With 'Changes' these guys present an uplifting trance bomb featuring the stunning vocals of Hysteria!.
This track is packed with euphoria and drive from start to finish and delivers one of the greatest trance breaks of the year.
Once again a massive release from Josh Ferrin and Alan Morris.