Friday, March 14, 2014

Lyrics: JES - All Night

All Night

It’s funny how
I’ll sit and wonder
How many times
We’ve laid here
And its funny that
Through all these years
You look more beautiful
Than you could ever be
And crazy how
Your voice stops me from running away
And staying all by myself
It’s taken me so long trying to just keep on
When it moves so fast and nothing lasts

And all night
I want to love you
And all night
I’m thinking of you

It’s funny now
But when I feel this pain I know its love
And its makes my soul flow free
It’s never fades
It only keeps on trying
Echoes of the past
We grew up so fast

And all night
I want to love you
And all night
I’m thinking of you
All night I’ll never leave you
And all night
I want to feel you

All night
Well I’ll never leave you
All night
I’m thinking of you …
I’ll never leave you …

Track is part of JES' album "High Glow" released March 16, 2010 on Magik Muzik

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