Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lyrics: Mehrad ft. Kelly Siew - Lonely

Mehrad ft. Kelly Siew

It's been only a day,
But it seems like I can't go on,
I just want to say,
I never meant to do you wrong

Making me insane, once again I'll try.
to enchain you but your eyes are to the sky.

Can't you see I am lonely now?
Now I can only write a thousand pages of what we had.

I can see days are passing by,
But your love's just the only reason that I can't live without.

Lyrics courtesy of Kelly Siew. Single released December 9, 2013 on Colorized Recordings.

Mehrad - website | Facebook
Kelly Siew - Facebook | MySpace | YouTube

Lonely (ENCOLOR030):
Lonely (Original Mix)
Lonely (Sebastian Weikum Remix)

With the Sebastian Weikum remix being featured on this year's 'Digitally Enhanced Volume Six' compilation, finally the full release sees the light of day. Colorize proudly presents Mehrad feat. Kelly Siew - 'Lonely'.

Mehrad's original mix has that classic deep groove that has become synonymous with Colorize. His collaboration with the super talented singer / songwriter, Kelly Siew has already won much praise and the reason is clear. Her infectious vocals combined with the deep basslines and beautiful melodies are enough to send any listener reaching for the repeat button.

Performing remix duties on the B-side is none other than Sebastian Weikum. Now working as A&R assistant at Colorize, Sebastian knows just how to give any track that special Weikum twist. Reworking the melody and providing an added punch to the mix, this version is more dancefloor orientated and is guaranteed to get you hooked after the first listen.

Showcasing some of the world's finest progressive house talent, Colorize does it again. A flawless debut from Mehrad feat. Kelly Siew!