Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lyrics: Rikkaz ft. Hannah Ray - Waste It

Waste It
Rikkaz ft. Hannah Ray

Shook it up
Stuck around
Now it's time to get out
Leaving it without doubt

If it's fair in love
It's fair in a breakdown
You keep on dragging us out
It's got to be over now

You'll never let go
You'll never let go
You waste it on me

With nothing to show
With nothing to show
You waste it on me

Throw it all away...yeah....oh....all away

Lyrics courtesy of Hannah Ray. Single released September 23, 2013 on Lange Recordings.

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Waste It (LANGE106):
Waste It (Original Mix)

One of the fastest rising talents of the label, Rikkaz fails to disappoint yet again; with his signature bass arrangements, epic chord sequences and pounding club beats. Hannah delivers powerful and catchy vocals that give this track bundles of energy and atmosphere during those live performances.

A Lange Recordings classic well ahead of its time, from Rikkaz feat Hannah Ray!