Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lyrics: Roger Shah & DJ Feel ft. Zara Taylor - One Life

One Life
Roger Shah & DJ Feel ft. Zara Taylor

You're always chasing clouds in the sky
Wishing upon the stars as they pass you by
Your dreams always live on the other side
You never believe it when it's staring you straight in the eye

When will you decide
Start to live your life
Stop the time from passing by
Time to make a change
Stop from being afraid
All you have is now don't wait

You've got one life full of beauty
Just one life
Why don't you see
You've got one life
So much beauty in this one life
Why can't you see cause I see you

Single released February 10, 2014 on Magic Island Records.

Roger Shah - website | Facebook | Flowd | G+ | MySpace | YouTube | @roger_shah
DJ Feel - website | @feel_dj
Zara Taylor - website | Facebook | MySpace | @zaratay

One Life (MAGIC0721):
One Life (Original Mix)

Roger Shah and Zara Taylor do already share a common success story, as some of their previous collaborations do are already established as classic. Remember their single Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost back in 2008? The tune has been voted by thousands of trance fanatics from all over the world as the ASOT Tune Of The Year 2008 in Armin van Buuren's radio show and peaked #1 in dozens of FM radio stations as well as on multiple MP3 stores. The tracks follow-ups were Found and Try To Be Love, both massively supported by the worlds biggest DJs and charting for many weeks on stores across the globe.? Roger Shah lately celebrated great success with his Sunlounger - Balearic Beauty album which hit the iTunes Top 100 in more than 50 countries including several #1 positions. One Life is his first Roger Shah single since Higher Than The Sun (with JES and Brian Laruso)i back in 2013 which has been featured in the Beatport Top 100 for many weeks. Zara is widely considered as one of the leading EDM voices, as many say shes has the most emotional voice of all the great and talented EDM vocalists. She recently released a collaboration single with Alex M.O.R.P.H which has popped up in almost all essential trance playlists.?Now Roger and Zara for this brand new piece of work have teamed up with Russias amazingly popular DJ Feel. Hes not only known for his numerous releases on the finest labels, but also for his internationally known Trancemission radio and event brand, and is a DJ MAG Top 100 artist for over 6 consecutive years! Roger and Feels paths have crossed dozens of times over the last decade, and now finally they managed to work together on a track. The result of the trios work is One Life, a song that displays great diversity with its emotional lyrics within a banging club production. Its doesn't resemble any other track out there, and is truly a unique and outstanding piece of work. Essential!