Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lyrics: Roman Messer ft. Christina Novelli - Frozen

Roman Messer ft. Christina Novelli

Feeling so numb since we fell apart
'Cause I loved you so hard, but you left a scar
Doesn't matter how much I try to change
You left me
protecting this heart like a fragile flame

Frozen, thaw me out
Heart so cold, don't even know me now
Slow motion, drifting away
'Cause I don't want to waste away my life
Feeling trapped beneath this ice I made, no
I'm frozen, help me now
Somebody come and thaw me out
Somebody come and thaw me out

I'm frozen, help me now
Somebody come and thaw me out

Repeat Chorus

Temperature falls, it's all too much
'Cause ever since us, too cold to touch
It doesn't matter what I try to do
'Cause I, I'll never be the same now thanks to you

Repeat Chorus

I'm frozen, help me now
Somebody come and thaw me out

Single released February 2, 2014 exclusively on Beatport, February 17, 2014 on all stores. The piano break is amazing!

Roman Messer - website | Facebook | PromoDJ | SoundCloud | VK | YouTube | @romanmesser
Christina Novelli - Facebook | MySpace | YouTube | @MissCNovelli

Frozen (SND020):

Frozen (Original Mix)
Frozen (Radio Edit)

Driving melodic sound and a voice to melt hearts - this is what the collaboration of Suanda Music boss Roman Messer and renowned vocalist Christina Novelli, "Frozen", is all about.

Having worked in the past with acts like Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery and Craig Connelly to name a few, Christina now blesses Roman's production with her vocals. "Frozen" is a touching story of a love lost - a story many of us can relate to, and the track provides enough sentimental moments among the energetic beats to truly appreciate the story sung by Christina. However, when the lyrical piano lines fade, be prepared for a full blast - Roman loaded the track with a high dose of powerful synths, heavy beats and catchy hooks to make sure it works just as well on the dancefloor as it does in one's headphones at home. You already heard this weapon on A State Of Trance - and now it's available for your very own listening pleasure.

Enjoy this beautiful touching ballad and look forward to the remix package coming your way in the near future!