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Lyrics: Solarstone & JES - Like A Waterfall

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Like A Waterfall
Solarstone & JES

I surface from the haze
I see the real reasons why
I'm so over my head
It seems
Unclear mistakes it's hold
Our whole world is gonna break
It’s crumbling so easily

But you are the only one I want you to know
Who will get under my skin
So if I dare to try, I dare ..
I’ll prove to you it's not a waste
And this is not our last goodbye

Those other thrills
Cause I've got a better place to go
Been out of my head, you’ll see
I wanna take a taste
In this old violent light’s chambers
They’re burning me like gasoline

But you are the only one I need you to know
You know I’m always there
So if I dare to try, I dare to try
I’ll prove to you it's not a waste
And this is not our last goodbye

I see a rainbow bleeding out of the sun
And I feel my adrenaline before it's already begun
And I tried to tell you but you've not listened
But we know
It all pours out of me

Like a waterfall
Like a waterfall
It all pours out of me

Released in 2006 via Magik Muzik with remixes by Max Graham and Lime. Written and Composed by Jes Brieden, Andy Bury and Rich Mowatt. Andy Bury and Rich Mowatt composed Solarstone until 2007 when Bury left. Single was included in JES' album "Disconnect" released April 5, 2007 on Magik Muzik.
Track was also included in the compilation album "In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America" mixed by Tiesto released on April 13, 2005.

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Tracklist (SBD08):
Disc 1
01. Solarstone and JES - Like a Waterfall (In Search of Sunrise Edit)
02. ToneDepth & SoulTan - Moments
03. Ahmet Ertenu - Why (In Search of Sunrise Edit)
04. JASEfos ft. Claire Van Der Boom - Do What U Want (Max Graham Afterhours in Montreal Mix)
05. Wighnomy Brothers - Wurz + Blosse
06. Coca & Villa - La Noche
07. Tilt - Twelve (Dousk Mix)
08. Luminary - My World (Andy Moor Mix)
09. Steve May - Blend Forty 3 (Luke Chable & Steve May Remix)
10. Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia (In Search of Sunrise Edit)
11. Split Second - Midnight Express
12. BT - The Force of Gravity (Tiësto Remix)
13. Allure - The Loves We Lost
14. Blank & Jones - Perfect Silence (E-Craig's 212 Remix)

Disc 2
01. Estuera vs. Re:Locate - Palma Solane
02. Leon Bolier pres. Inner Stories - Beyond
03. P.O.S. - Gravity
04. LNQ - People I Used to Know
05. Mads Arp ft. Julie Harrington – Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix)
06. Dominic Plaza – Sounds Rushing (David West Remix)
07. Matthew Dekay vs. Proluctors – BAD
08. Electric Pulse – White Noise
09. Grayarea ft. Erik Shepard – Gravity
10. Tiësto ft. Matt Hales From Aqualung – UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix)
11. Odyssee – Evolution
12. Progression – Sands Of Time
13. L.S.G. – Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix)
14. Sensorica vs. Jin Key - Only One (Rave Mix)