Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lyrics: Solis & Sean Truby ft. Alana Aldea - I Need You

I Need You
Solis & Sean Truby ft. Alana Aldea

Out on my own, I'm walking alone
Thought I could make it through
All of my life, I've never think twice
So sure that I knew
And you came along, feeling so strong
I didn't know what to do
Now that is dark, falling apart
All I can think of is you

Longed for something to bring me back to you
I wanted nothing but that's no longer true
Longed for something, illusions get me through
I wanted to nothing but that's no longer true
I need you

Single released May 20, 2013 on Interstate Recordings with remixes by Digital X & Damian Wasse. The Damian Wasse Remix is part of "Tytanium 200" album mixed by Sean Tyas and released August 12.

Solis & Sean Truby - Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube | @solisandstruby
Alana Aldea - Facebook | SoundCloud | @alanaaldeamusic

I Need You (INTER051):
I Need You (Original Mix)
I Need You (Digital X Remix)
I Need You (Damian Wasse Remix)

Infrasonic's stalwarts Solis & Sean Truby are back on Interstate for their next vocal masterpiece, teaming up with Alana Aldea with 'I Need You'. The guys of course no strangers when it comes to creating pure club anthems and this is another exquisite outing from the guys. Emotive chords, silky vocals and big room energy are the order of the day. The first of two remixes comes from Digital X, delivering a moody tech stance on the original. Completing the package with another fine remix is a lush reworking from rising star Damian Wasse, injecting a huge acid bass line, big room groove and a huge saw lead.

Tytanium 200 ():
01. D-Mad - Pep Talk
02. Sean Tyas & Julie Thompson - What I Am
03. Dave Horne - Strayer
04. Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle - Neptune's Return
05. Solis & Sean Truby ft. Alana Aldea - I Need You (Damian Wasse Remix)
06. Alan Morris - Dangerous Truth
07. John Askew - Bored of You, Bored of Me (Johan Ekman Heard You Like 303 Remix)
08. Matthew Dunne - Splint
09. Sean Tyas ft. Nicole McKenna - Got Love (Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Remix)
10. Sonic Element - Forever
11. Inertia - The Chamber (Liam Wilson Remix)
12. Saint Sinners - Neutrino
13. Sy Gardner - Uprising
14. Sean Tyas - Hydro
15. Ferrin & Morris - Panorama
16. Aly & Fila and Amadeus - A Dream of Peace (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
17. Lostly ft. Roberta Harrison - These Streets

Sean's first DJ Mix album in several years is always going to create a buzz and Tytanium 200 more than lives up to expectations!

Inspired by the 200th episode of his popular radio show the album combines an exciting selection of tracks from his recently re-launched Tytanium label together with fresh and exclusive tracks from the cream of the worlds underground producers including Darren Porter, Ferry Tayle, John Askew, Aly and Fila, Manuel le Saux, Alex M.O.R.P.H. Woody van Eyden and many more…..