Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lyrics: Moonbeam with Matvey Emerson - Alive

Moonbeam with Matvey Emerson

Turn on the light in...
Space I have lost
space I have lost
Burn me alive in...
Your heart, I'm falling down

Nothing brought
Under a shadow
I look in your eyes, now
The last time

I've got no reason to stay
With you I'm falling away
I've got no reason to stay
Remember our last day

Track is part of Moonbeam's album "The Random" released February 11, 2013 on Black Hole Recordings. Track was then released as a single on July 15, 2013 with remixes by Paul Thomas and Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue.

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Alive (Black Hole 566-0)
Alive (Paul Thomas Remix)
Alive (Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue Remix)
Alive (Original Soundtrack Mix)
Alive (Club Mix)

The recent release of Moonbeam's new soundtrack "The Random" has been the source of a successful string of hot new titles. Singles like "Only You" (with vocalist Jacob A), the follow up "You Win Me" (which they recorded with singer Aeylin) and finally "The Raven" all scored big time and formed a superb prelude to the final presentation of the official soundtrack for the movie "The Random". In the last couple of years, the Russian brothers Pavel and Vitaly Khavleev have created their own, truly unique sound. Tracks like "Song For A Girl", "Breathless" and "Look Around" already pointed in direction that led to "The Random". "See The Difference Inside" which appeared on "In Search Of Sunrise 6, Ibiza" and Moonbeam's remix of Rachael Star's "To Forever" on the 7th, Asia themed part of the series; both are tracks that have that particular sound. In a recent interview, Vitaly Khavleev said, quote: "Over our last two albums ("Around The World" and "The Secret") both Pavel and I consciously and subconsciously have included cinematic influences in our music. Scoring a film is something many producers dream of doing, but few get the chance. When Pavel got the go ahead for his film, we both knew that this was an opportunity for Moonbeam that was too good to miss."

Matvey Emerson is a DJ/producer and singer from Perm, Russia. Emerson's original mixes and remixes have been recognized by industry giants like Tiƫsto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, David Vendetta, Moonbeam, Richard Durand, Kyau & Albert, DJ Bobina and DJ Feel. In his home country of Russia, Emerson's mixes can be heard on popular local radio stations like Radio Record, Megapolis, D FM, HIT FM, UFM). Emerson's track "Prizma" was nominated at the International Dance Music Awards and in September of 2011 Matvey Emerson released "Wanderer", a collaboration with a world renowned trance project Moonbeam. In April of 2012 Matvey Emerson released his first solo album called "Fantom". He now works on collaborations with several new artists as well as playing live DJ sets on the world club scene where he combines his talents as a DJ and Vocalist.

Moonbeam's "Alive" will once again cause a major stir on today's dance floors. The highly sophisticated composition anchors around a deep and touching theme that will lead to summer-like feelings amongst the party people. Aptly adding taylor made remixes by big shots Paul Thomas and Paul Hazendonk, Moonbeam's new "Alive" will create the perfect dance atmosphere for every self respecting DJ.

The Random (BHCD 101-1):
01. Moonbeam ft. Jacob A - Only You (Original Mix)
02. Moonbeam ft. Avis Vox - Madness (Original Mix)
03. Moonbeam with Matvey Emerson - Alive (Original Mix)
04. Moonbeam ft. Leusin - Flight (Original Mix)
05. Moonbeam ft. Blackfeel Wite - Together (Original Mix)
06. Moonbeam ft. Aelyn - You Win Me (Original Mix)
07. Moonbeam - Echoes Dying Away (Original Mix)
08. Moonbeam ft. Jacob A - Tell Me (Original Mix)
09. Moonbeam ft. Nathassia D & Pryce Oliver - Dark To Light (Original Mix)
10. Moonbeam ft. Andrea Roma - Little Monster (Original Mix)
11. Moonbeam with A*S*Y*S* - The Fatal Thread (Original Mix)
12. Moonbeam ft. ARCHNGL - Sun Went Down (Original Mix)
13. Moonbeam - Awaking (Original Mix)
14. Moonbeam with Matvey Emerson - Alive (Club Mix)
15. Moonbeam ft. Leusin - Flight (Club Mix)
16. Moonbeam - The Raven (Original Mix)
17. Moonbeam ft. Jacob A - Only You (Club Mix)
18. Moonbeam with Andrea Roma - Little Monster (Club Mix)
19. Moonbeam ft. Blackfeel Wite - Together (Club Mix)
20. Moonbeam with J-Soul - Heavy Rain (Original Mix)
21. Moonbeam with A*S*Y*S* - The Fatal Thread (Club Mix)
22. Moonbeam ft. Aelyn - You Win Me (Club Mix)