Friday, April 11, 2014

Lyrics: Tiësto ft. JES - Everything

Classic Fridays
Tiësto ft. JES

How breathless I feel in your arms
How breathless you make me feel so
There's no one before in my eyes
I take what you give me

Everything sounds better
Everything looks brighter
Everything tastes better
Well everything you do feels better
(feels better)

Everything 3x
(feels better)
(feels better)

I pray all this time in your arms
How restless I feel when you go
With only your life to surround me
I take what you give me
(I take what you give me)
(Give me)

Everything sounds better
Everything looks brighter

Single was released in 2008 including remixes by Andrew Bennet and Cosmic Gate. The track was included in Tiesto's "Elements of Life" album released April 12, 2007 on Ultra Records. Single and the Cosmic Gate Remix were included in Tiesto's album "Elements of Life (Special Edition)" released April 11, 2009 on 405 recordings. Single was also included in Tiesto's "Magikal Journey - The Hits Collection" released June 8, 2010 on Ultra Records.
The Cosmic Gate Remix was part of JES' compilation "Unleash The Beat" released June 20, 2011 on Magik Muzik.

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