Friday, April 18, 2014

Lyrics: Type 41 and Tiff Lacey - Never Forget You

Never Forget You
Type 41 and Tiff Lacey

You flew too close to the sun
And you left this world behind
Always searching for someone
or something you could never find

As I look back now
I can see the signs
I can see just why
But you never would allow me
to see inside
So I never knew about

I will never forget you
Although you’re far away
May the sun always be with you
At your back always

Lyrics courtesy of Tiff Lacey. Single released November 21, 2011 on Silent Shore Records with remixes by Kaimo K and DoubleV.

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Never Forget You (SSR086):
Never Forget You (Original Mix)
Never Forget You (Dub Mix)
Never Forget You (Kaimo K Remix)
Never Forget You (DoubleV Remix)

Type 41 is a producer who needs no introduction after many incredible signatures given through its remixes on Silent Shore Records. For this beauty he invited singer Tiff Lacey who already put a spell and her own magic to the strong tracks of Cosmic Gate, ATB, Aly & Fila, and made 'NEVER FORGET YOU' sounding wonderful and bittersweet.

'NEVER FORGET YOU' is a heartfelt uplifting tune growing its way up to a storm of a record. This blend of trancy flavours, beautifully balanced melodies and the mind shivering beats accompanied with Tiff's angelic, calming voice arouses like a cozy dream to wake up from. Type 41 also brings you a Dub Mix itself.

If you're in need of more energy and emotions, Kaimo K made his translation of this beauty for those who needs a combination of emotional Original and melodic Dub, with more melody and less vocals.

In the other hand, if you need some proggy delight and deeper sound, Moldavan duo DoubleV brings you their version of this ballad in which Tiff's vocal sounds even more powerful.