Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lyrics: Alan Morris ft. Hysteria! - Regeneration

Alan Morris ft. Hysteria!

Sometimes life is calling
to the shores of living, and the dead

ancient secret of the ones
who were awake

You want to feel?
Then stop pretending...
unveil the secrets of your
all immortal soul
Just be - for once
and become whole

given to chosen ones

given to chosen ones
who now refuse
to be in lands of dying mortals
And only few who will be
who will be saved...

Just be - for once
and become whole

Lyrics courtesy of Hysteria! Single released March 17, 2014 (Beatport), March 31, 2014 on all stores on Transistic Records.

Alan Morris - Facebook | @alanmorrismusic
Hysteria! - Facebook | MySpace | SoundCloud | @Hysteeeria

Regeneration (TSCG002):
Regeneration (Original Mix)
Regeneration (Short Mix)
Regeneration (Dub Mix)

Transistic Groove is proud to bring you this next stunning collaboration between Alan Morris and Hysteria!.
'Regeneration' is a monumental track with dreamy vocals, grooving basslines, an emotive breakdown and lush chords.
A brilliant collaboration and a must-have release for any music fan worldwide.