Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lyrics: Passenger 75 & Cat Martin - No More Road To Run

No More Road To Run
Passenger 75 & Cat Martin

3 am in the pouring rain,
One half of you looks the same,
The other... the other is me...

I got nothing but time to kill,
Living life on sleeping pills,
And my other... addiction is you...

No more road to run...

I will keep your secrets,
You will keep your promise 'til,
There's no more road to run,
And I can't be truly honest,
You are all I've wanted, still,
There's no more road to run,
No more road to run...

Single to be release May 19, 2014 on Captured Music.

Passenger 75 - website | Facebook | MixCloud | SoundCloud | @Passenger_75
Cat Martin - website | SoundCloud | @cat2martin

After being featured on Ministry of Sound's prestigious 'Trance Nation' CD compilation with the heavily supported 'Contact' as well as the outstanding 'The Holocron', our in house producer Igor Danilovic, better known as 'Passenger 75', is finally releasing his vocal debut 'No More Road To Run' together with Cat Martin.

His signature sound is entirely original, with a dark and dramatic theme common throughout his work. Igor finds that perfect blend of uplifting and tech trance, mixed with big cinematic sounds. It's what he does best and 'No More Road To Run' is the perfect example!