Friday, May 9, 2014

Lyrics: Push ft. Sir Adrian - This Place

Classic Fridays
This Place
Push ft. Sir Adrian

You can hold back the storm
(For so… for so long)
You can find the wind, the rain
(It won’t do without the truth)
You can hold back the night
(The reality won’t wake you up)
Try to hide away
(All alone)

This place is a lonely place
Is a lonely place
There’s nothing but you and your face
You and your face

Released on May 11, 2009 via Club Elite with remixes by Greedo and George Acosta.

M.I.K.E - website | Facebook | SoundCloud | Spotify | YouTube | @mikepush
Sir Adrian - Facebook |MySpace

CLEL036 - Push is back. And how! With a new artist album coming up a lot sooner that anyone would have guessed, the Belgian producer/DJ M.I.K.E. has restored order back in chaos again. Even though he still uses his other aliases, a few of the 60 he's guised his productions to, it's still the Push alias that means the most. Not only to M.I.K.E., but to the crowds of trance lovers as well. Remember 'Universal Nation'? Or 'The Legacy'? These legendary tracks will never lose their strength, as they still ravish the dance floors. With Push getting back to the masses, he teams up with another legendary singer to make things complete. Sir Adrian is mostly known for his vocal work on 'The Space We Are' and 'Times X', but also works as a singer/songwriter.

Teamed up, Push And Adrian bring us a groovy, indulging track called 'This Place'. A progressive vocal track with a different sound than we're used to hear from Mike. But no one said mister Push couldn't develop his sound and try something new. We're safe to say the experiment succeeded.
'This Place' comes with a Progressive Mix, a Klems presents Greedo remix and a remix by George Acosta. While the Progressive mix is a little more dancefloor minded, the Klems remix is more melodic and proggy than the original and George Acosta's interpretation is more upfront and techy. You'll find plenty of diversity in this release!

This Place (Original Mix)
This Place (Progressive Mix)
This Place (George Acosta Dub Mix)
This Place (George Acosta Remix)
This Place (Klems pres. Greedo Remix)