Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lyrics: Ronski Speed & Shannon Hurley - Summer Always Ends

Summer Always Ends
Ronski Speed & Shannon Hurley

Left with no direction
While the birds are flying home
Graceful in the sunlight
They sense the sadness in my soul
In this place without you
Feels like winter in my bones
I fill the space around you
But it will never be like home

While did you tell me I'm not alone
I'm not alone
When you desert me, you're letting go
You're letting go

As the tears roll down my face
I wonder why
You are standing here with me
One last time
Hold our breath and close our eyes
Say goodbye
Why does summer always end in silence.

Lyrics courtesy of Shannon Hurley. Single was released March 31, 2014 on Marcaido Records.

Ronski Speed - website | Beatport | Facebook | iTunes | G+ | YouTube | @RonskiSpeed
Shannon Hurley - website | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | @ShannonHurley

Summer Away Ends (MRC001):
Summer Always Ends (Extended Mix)
Summer Always Ends (Radio Edit)

Marcaido Records is the brand new imprint by German heavyweight Ronski Speed, and what better way to introduce this label to the scene than by kicking things off with a brand new single by the label head himself!

Being known all over the world for his flawless productions and energetic Dj sets, Ronski yet again delivers a catchy trance anthem named Summer always ends with all the ingredients that define the word "trance" at the moment, from lively basslines to a melodic peak time hook, with the smooth vocals of Shannon Hurley being the icing on the cake.

A strong introduction for Marcaido Records! Keep an eye open for this brand new imprint as it is bound to provide the EDM world with high quality, melodic music.