Monday, May 12, 2014

Lyrics: Tenishia & Jonathan Mendelsohn - A New Dream

A New Dream
Tenishia & Jonathan Mendelsohn

Closing at just yesterday we cried,
Thinking that all was lost inside

Try to hold on to crumbling dream that died
Right before our eyes were

Well look at us now
Think you're hearing it out
On top of the world we'll fly tonight
The pages will turn
the pass will burn
We'll build a new dream for you and I

In all of your dreams
Are gonna come true for me for you
And you will know, you will know
When its time to let go

Single released April 21, 2014 on Black Hole Recordings

Tenishia - website | Facebook | MySpace | Youtube | Total Access International | @tenishiamusic
Jonathan Mendelsohn - Facebook | MySpace | @jonmendelsohn

A New Dream (Black Hole 641-0):
A New Dream (Original Mix)

Maltese duo Tenishia collaborates with singer/songwriter and dj/producer Jonathan Mendelsohn on this brand new track 'A New Dream'. The result is a solid trancer in which Jonathan's heartfelt vocals are truly done justice.

Tenishia is one of the most successful dj/producer duos from the island of Malta selling out arena shows, appearing on tv and winning many awards. They even hold their own Tenishia live events. The two members of Tenishia, Joven and Cyprian, met through mutual friends and started dj-ing together in 2004. In the year of 2005 they already signed their first production with Armada and after that they kept scoring hit after hit. Hard driven and full of determination, the guys keep pushing their way through the road of success, working from their state of the art studio in Malta, producing, organizing their own Tenishia Live events and also establishing their own production school to help out new talents. Tenishia travel the world with their music, taking the adventure to their fans in various countries. According to DJ Mag in 2012, Tenishia have put Malta on the dance music map and will continue to do so.

Jonathan Mendelsohn is a force to be reckoned with as this guy is not only a great singer/songwriter but also produces his own tracks and remixes for others. For him both aspects go hand in hand, as he says himself: "When I got into remixing and producing dance music, it satisfied not only the need to be creative, but it was an exploration in the technical side of music creation. I was always fascinated by the arrangements and layering in electronic dance music. Recording and producing for me is really just as important to me as singing and writing songs. They go hand in hand really and I couldn't imagine doing one and not the other." To this day he has collaborated with people such as Dash Berlin, Brennan Heart, Orjan Nilsen, Laidback Luke, Nic Chagall, David Morales and many more. He is working on his first solo album, while performing in clubs and on festivals all over the world.