Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lyrics: Denis Kenzo & Alexandra Badoi - Lifetime Change

Lifetime Change
Denis Kenzo & Alexandra Badoi

What do we do now
What do we say now
When we turn the page

Where do we go now
What do we feel now
It's a lifetime change

Why do we cry now
Why do we fight now
To escape the cage

Where do we run now
What do we feel now
It's a lifetime change

Single released May 26, 2014 on Armind

Denis Kenzo - Promo DJ | VK
Alexandra Badoi - website | Blogger | Facebook | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | @alexandrabadoi

Lifetime Change (ARMD1182):
Lifetime Change (Original Mix)
Lifetime Change (Club Mix)

The sheer variety and scope of ‘Lifetime Change’ is an impressive feat.

Ranging from glitchy, bass-oriented class, to Alexandra Badoi’s vocal prowess, to live guitar -- pretty much every aspect of a great tune is covered in this record.

Throw in an over-arching, profound sensibility of trance-induced calm, and you have a tune that will turn heads everywhere it’s played.