Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lyrics: Simon Patterson ft. Sarah Howells - Dissolve

Simon Patterson ft. Sarah Howells

Bitten nails and paper cuts
Careless words and tired looks
It weighs you down
It spins you round
a dream of who you want to be
nearly perfect mistake free
It brings you down
the world spins round

Do you forget who you are
when instinct strays too far
Don’t let the prize become all that you see

Cos we’re not innocent
Not innocent
We’re human
Only human

Single released June 9, 2014 on Armind.

Simon Patterson - website | Facebook | G+ | MixCloud | SoundCloud | YouTube | @sipatterson
Sarah Howells - Facebook | MySpace | @sarahaeroplane

Dissolve (ARMD1185):
Dissolve (Original Mix)

Simon Patterson has created an absolute dance-floor monster with ‘Dissolve’, building up a sophisticated anthem the way that only he can.

Expect a few clever twists and surprising turns along the way, with the aim of keeping attention and interest at fever pitch.

Sarah Howell’s pristine vocals lend a touch of ethereal beauty and grace to the record, and Patterson knows exactly how to use them to maximum effect.