Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lyrics: Yuri Kane ft. Melissa Loretta - Saved You

Saved You
Yuri Kane ft. Melissa Loretta

I can’t make you stay.
When the winds have turned, and your heart is sober.
No I can’t forge a light.
When the questions burn, and we’re starved for answers
Just give me a reason, and I’ll keep a star for dreaming.

Cause, I can’t follow where you are
Though I have crossed a thousands signs.

So find me a why.
Why we’re shaking hands, like we’re starting over.
Am I inside your sky?
The way you stir in mine, when it’s taken over.
But all I’ve discovered, is your world is twelve Decembers.

Cause, I can’t follow where you are
Though I have crossed a thousand signs.

A spinning moon and a fallen sunrise
Obliterates what was almost perfect
We had it all
I watched you come alive.
Was it only in my mind?

Cause I can’t follow, where you are
Though I have crossed a thousand signs
I can’t run to where you fall
Though I have saved you in my mind
Saved you in my mind
I have saved you in my,

I can’t run to where you fall,
Though, though I have saved you

Though I have saved you…

Lyrics courtesy of Melissa Loretta. Single released June 16, 2014 on AVA Recordings.
Update (06/20/14) - Track is included in Andy Moor's "Breaking the Silence Vol. 3" released March 14, 2014 on Armada.

Yuri Kane - website | Facebook | MySpace | VKontakte | Youtube | @YuriKane
Melissa Loretta - website | Beatport | Blogger | Discogs | Facebook | LinkedIn | MySpace | Reverb Nation | SoundCloud | Tumblr | YouTube | @MelissaLoretta

Saved You (AVA087):
Saved You (Original Mix)

Yuri Kane is no stranger to success, with his tunes championed on BBC Radio 1, A State of Trance, Club Life, and the largest dance music radio station in Russia.

Melissa Loretta and Kane worked together before on the successful track ‘Daylight’, and ‘Saved You’ will be yet another huge tune for the pair.

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