Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lyrics: Aruna - Start A Fire (Johan Malmgren Original Mix)

Start A Fire (Johan Malmgren Original Mix)

There's something missing
There’s something chasing you away
There's no one listening
There’s no more light around your face
But I'm still waiting
For a day that’s come and gone
The sound is fading
We're falling fast I can't hold on

And there's no escape
We are stranded here together
But I'm not afraid
To fight harder now than ever
The break of day is dawning
The weight of us hangs on me
With one last chance to turn the tide
To start a fire

There's no pretending
This is how it's got to be
I won't defend it
You're the rush my body needs
So come in closer
Till there's nothing left to solve
We’ll start all over
And ride the highs until we fall

Life is short and love won't last forever
And tonight it all comes down to you & I
So come and start a fire

Track released April 7, 2014 on Enhanced Recordings. Remix packages will be release July 28, 2014 (Beatport) / August 11 (All Stores) with remixes by Mr FijiWiji, Husman, Jonathan and AWD vs. Thomas Hayes.
Update (09/22/14) - the Mr. FijiWiji Remix is part of "Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4" mixed by Estiva and Juventa.

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Start A Fire (Johan Malmgren Original Mix) (ENHANCED199):
Start A Fire (Johan Malmgren Original Mix)

An angel of electronic music, Aruna returns on Enhanced along with Johan Malmgren for her next sensational vocal outing - 'Start A Fire'. Following her debut release on "the label that delivers tune, after tune" last year with the acclaimed 'Reason To Believe' which received widespread support around the world from fans and artists alike, her next Enhanced release is another jaw dropping production featuring Aruna's talented and ethereal vocals. Collaborating with Johan Malmgren in the studio, this sublime duo have created nothing short of a masterpiece. Aruna once again pens and sings a topline which will last long in the memory, whilst Johan's melodic grooves are the perfect accompaniment for Aruna, making this a sure fire record to set alight any dance floor. One more spine tingling release from one of Enhanced's brightest stars. Don't miss Aruna - Start A Fire, the Johan Malmgren Original Mix!

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Start A Fire (Mr FijiWiji Remix)
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Start A Fire (Jonathan Pitch Remix)
Start A Fire (AWD vs. Thomas Hayes Remix)