Monday, August 4, 2014

Lyrics: Aurosonic & Neev Kennedy - Now I See

Now I See
Aurosonic & Neev Kennedy

I let you keep the key
A prisoner in love
I didn't want to go
Unless you came with me

I was blinded
and I'm so ashamed
That it took so long for me to break away

Now I see, who you are
I can only be pushed so far
Now I see, now I see
That you were never good for me

Lyrics courtesy of Sir Adrian. Single to be released August 4 on Aurosonic Music.

Aurosonic - website | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube | @aurosonic
Neev Kennedy - Facebook | MySpace | @neevkennedy

Russian mood enhancer Aurosonic proudly launches his own new imprint on Sir Adrian Music!

Aurosonic Music is the next level for one of the most supported and talented progressive producers that we've had the pleasure of working with to date. The awe inspiring 'Now I See' alongside our Irish siren Neev Kennedy, is a debut that's brimming with creativity and musical mastery, providing a great insight of what's to come on this exciting new label.

With 4 different mixes perfectly showcasing Neev's seductive celtic tones in a bitter sweet story of reflection and discovery, this package covers plenty of different ground and boasts Aurosonic's many sound skills. From the progressive dirty, big room energy of the club mix and the melodic summery prog feel of the progressive mix, to the more alternative drum n bass and chillout mixes, this one is not to be missed! We expect top level support across the board due to the sheer quality of these two stunning artists combined for the first but certainly not the last time!