Monday, August 11, 2014

Lyrics: DeepUniverse & Blue Wings - Bring Back Your Sun (DeepUniverse Mix)

Bring Back Your Sun
DeepUniverse & Blue Wings

Look at the bright side, never look back
It is your past that lurks in the dark
Breaks your life but don't let it get you down

Forget your times of grief
And let some light in your heart for a start
It's not a shame to say you need love
'Coz love is all that counts

Into the stars and take a deep breath
Search for a smile in your heart and strength around
Don't hide feelings, be yourself

Just close your eyes and try
to let go of what makes you cry
Just follow me and I'll bring you home
You'll never be alone

Left all by yourself on your own
Your sun disappeared forever
Red light, too many clouds
Look around so many hearts yearn for love
They keep looking out for someone to paint their sky
Bring back your sun
Make it shine, make it shine

Single released August 11, 2014 on Trance All-Stars Records with remixes by DeepUniverse, Blue Wings and Dima Krasnik

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Bring Back Your Sun (TAR-14-31):
01. Bring Back Your Sun (DeepUniverse Mix)
02. Bring Back Your Sun (DeepUniverse Radio Cut)
03. Bring Back Your Sun (Blue Wings Mix)
04. Bring Back Your Sun (Dima Krasnik Remix)
05. Bring Back Your Sun (Dima Instrumental Mix)

DeepUniverse & Blue Wings bring us a fine collaboration with a stunning female vocal on 'Bring Back Your Sun'. The package consists of interpretations from both producers. DeepUniverse's Original Mix begins at the very first bar with a solo piano opening and immediately creates the scene for a rather summery sounding trancer. The sun has well and truly been brought back here! Top notch production and arrangement, complementing the vocal to the maximum. Blue Wings sacrifices some of the vocal, and chooses to focus more emphasis on the melody aspect, but still expect a taster of the voice. A breakdown littered with piano plucks, and a very infectious lead!

A veteran Dima Krasnik rounds things off, and delivers 2 courses: a vocal and instrumental mix! With a particular flair for the more melodic end of the trance spectrum, Krasnik manages to capture both emotion and raw energy in this pulsing trancer.

Spoiled for choice? There's Something for everyone, so take your pick!