Friday, August 22, 2014

Lyrics: Delerium ft. Kristy Thirsk - Incantation

Classic Fridays
Delerium ft. Kristy Thirsk

Don't get too close - this shore is cavernous and cold
Too close is cavernous and cold
Cavernous and cold
You're collecting empty shells

Too late to scribe
Alive - in my soul
I'd rather hide - than fight you stealing my soul

A marbled ocean of steaming ghosts
They bore what's tavernous and cold
A haunted ocean is cavernous and could
I am where the fearing dwells
Cavernous cold
Cavernous cold
Cold cold

Lyrics courtesy of Delerium's website. Lyrics written by Kristy Thirsk. Track is part of Delerium's album "Semantic Space" released August 22, 1994 on Nettwerk.
The Single Edit is part of Delerium's album "The Best of Delerium" released September 7, 2004.
The 12 Inch Mix Edit is part of Delerium's album "Odyssey: The Remix Collection" released July 2, 2007.

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