Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lyrics: Philippe el Sisi & Abstract Vision ft. Jilliana Danise - This Time

This Time
Philippe el Sisi & Abstract Vision ft. Jilliana Danise

This time, will be the last I reach for you

I don't need to hold, I'll be strong, I'll find my way

No more tears, broken years

Goodbye to all that was before
Every step I take brings me closer, this time

Lyrics courtesy of Sir Adrian. Single released March 24, 2014 on How Trance Works.

Philippe El Sisi - website | Facebook | MySpace | SoundCloud | Nile Tunes | @Philippeelsisi
Abstract Vision - Facebook | MySpace | PromoDJ | @abstractvision1
Jilliana Danise - Facebook | @jillianadanise

This Time (HTW0012):
This Time (Vocal Mix)
This Time (Classical Mix)

Philippe El Sisi is one of the masters of uplifting trance. Hes been supported by all the big trance DJs and is a regular on Armin van Buurens ASOT radio show. Together with Michael Filimonov aka Abstract Vision (also no stranger to Armins ASOT), Philippe delivers a masterpiece of trance production featuring the debut of vocalist Jilliana Danise. Sweet, haunting and emotional, Jilliana Danises vocals add the right ingredient to make this a future trance classic.