Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lyrics: Protoculture & Shane Halcon with Jennifer Rene - Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Protoculture & Shane Halcon with Jennifer Rene

Arrive again tonight
You knew that I'd be home

That I'd be waiting.

Look into your eyes

Can't see where we went wrong
I've been patient.

Then you kiss me

Precious time it is so rare
Don't want to miss so don't blink twice.
Say you miss me
Try to act like you still care
So dim to me, with them so bright,
Like Northern Lights

Track is part of Protoculture's debut album "Music Is More Than Mathematics" released June 13, 2014 on Armada Music.

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Music is More Than Mathematics (ARDI3461B):
01. Protoculture - Across An Ocean Of Stars (Intro)
02. Protoculture ft. Ilana - Vertigo
03. Protoculture - Talisman
04. Protoculture & Johnny Yono ft. Lynn Olsen - Rush Of Life
05. Protoculture - I Found Love
06. Protoculture & Christian Burns - Knife Games (Throwing Daggers)
07. Protoculture & Max Graham - Axiom
08. Protoculture - Laguna
09. Protoculture - Super Collider
10. Protoculture & Shane Halcon with Jennifer Rene - Northern Lights
11. Protoculture - Challenger
12. Protoculture - Annapurna
13. Protoculture ft. Tricia McTeague - Burning Bridges
14. Protoculture - Music Is More Than Mathematics
15. Protoculture - Life Signs (Outro)

Cape Town, South Africa -- for some, it's one of the most remote locations on earth, practically the stuff of legends. For Nate Raubenheimer, the tip of the southernmost African country is home. Armin van Buuren has said of the man, "Everything he touches turns to musical gold." Really, there can be no stronger endorsement, nor can there be a statement more accurate.

His is a classic tale -- inspired at the age of 8, it wasn't long before his life's journey led him to audio engineering school, and ultimately, to the largest festivals in the world. Protoculture's fans are filled with an almost feverish adoration, the kind of hard-earned reputation that only someone with genuine talent can enjoy. Success hasn't been all roses for the producer, however, as his hometown is one of the worst spots to travel from for an internationally touring DJ.

'Music Is More Than Mathematics' is an appropriate title for this exceptional album, and there's absolutely no formula for what Protoculture does. If "awesome" could be bottled into a jar, it would be this record. Finding better descriptors is as pointless as trying to compete with his musical talents.
Even though each record radiates the artist behind the controls, Protoculture was able to attract talented producers, songwriters, and vocalists to help realize this record. Christian Burns, Johnny Yono, Max Graham, Jennifer Rene, and Tricia McTeague are some of the multitalented collaborators that made 'Music Is More Than Mathematics' possible, and their respective contributions seem to come at the precise time they're needed in this musical journey.

Certain albums defy conventional logic, and certain sounds are so transcendental that it's hard to see "trance" as anything but the right term. This is a special release, and one that covers as much territory as Protoculture's frequent trips around the globe.