Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lyrics: Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene - Not Enough

Not Enough
Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene

Time can't erase all my many memories of you
And I'm still locked in love even though we're done and we're through
But you're haunting me now, in every way
And I still make it somehow, to the next day, where it starts over
Just moving through the motions, fake a smile in the mirror its cool

You said to me, I could be your world, I could be your world
But then you turned from me
And it was plain to see, it was plain to see
That you were hiding, everything that you do
And I was not enough

Go by minute...
Go by hour...
Go by day...
And I was not enough

Lyrics courtesy of Jennifer Rene. Single will be released August 27, 2014 on Re*brand Records.

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