Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lyrics: Aerosoul & Yoel Lewis ft. Jenny Mayhem - Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True
Aerosoul & Yoel Lewis ft. Jenny Mayhem

A million ways, a million miles
Until I finally found you
A sweetest wonder came to life
The brightest star I love to

Cause you're the one I want to adore
If you ever fall I will hold you
I wish I reached you long before
To cross the space and time through
Love the way you make my dreams come true

I love the way you make my dreams come true

Single released October 6, 2014 (Beatport) on Enhanced Recordings (Enhanced207). October 20, 2014 on all other stores.

Aerosoul - Facebook | SoundCloud | @AeroSoul_Music
Yoel Lewis - Facebook | SoundCloud | @Yoellewis
Jenny Mayhem - website | Facebook | SoundCloud | @jennymayhem

Enhanced Recordings presents a glistening new vocal collaboration between Spanish duo Aerosoul, Israel's Yoel Lewis and Toronto based singer-songwriter Jenny Mayhem! With huge support from Tritonal on the Enhanced Sessions Radio Show, 'Dreams Come True' it's no surprise that this track has also been included on the Enhanced Sessions Volume Four compilation mixed by Estiva & Juventa!

Crescendoing from a melodic piano riff and ethereal vocals, 'Dreams Come True' evolves into a progressive house bomb with soaring leads and pumping basslines. A powerful vocal effort from Jenny Mayhem and talented production skills to accompany them, these are 3 names who tipped for big things to come.