Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lyrics: Sunset & Andy Bianchini ft. Alex Staltari - Beside You

Beside You
Sunset & Andy Bianchini ft. Alex Staltari

Down beneath the stars
I could find myself alive in the night.
We would hear the wind blow
As it whispered out to you and I.

Underneath the clouds
The rain crashes down in the night
I looked in through your window
As you let out a soft and lonely cry.

Cause I'm guilty for all the things I've done
I'm falling through time into the sun
I will never forget the way i lose myself beside you.
Cause I'm guilty for all the things I've done
I fall into you and come undone
I will never forget the way I lose myself beside you.

I don't even see the light
But i could be your better life
And our hearts explode into the night
Before the stars.

Lyrics courtesy of Alex Staltari. Single released July 28, 2014 exclusively on Beaport, August 11 on all other stores.

Sunset - Facebook | SoundCloud | @sunsetofficial
Andy Bianchini - Facebook | SoundCloud | @andybianchini_
Alex Staltari - Facebook | SoundCloud | @Alex_Staltari

Sunset teams up with Andy Bianchini alongside the very talented Alex Staltari on vocals, who gives Beside You the midas touch! A true vocal delight for release 152 on Alter Ego Records with two massive remixes on hand from meHiLove and Startail who both stretch the blueprints from the Original divinely.

Sunset is back in the driving seat at Alter Ego, this time alongside Andy Bianchini and the fabulous vocal efforts of Alex Staltari, delivering a whole new side to his production! Solid percussion, grooving big room undertones, soaring pads, insatiable and emotive vocals light up the breakdown with some smart synth work and roll into a massive roof raising climax! Not to be missed!

meHiLove who is hitting all the right notes at the moment hands in a clean and upbeat summer rendition that takes you straight to the beach club!! Alex 's vocal oozes all over the divine melodic work adding real finesse and making the track a real singalong delight! Dont miss this one

Startail conjures up a faultless monster club mix with sweltering undertones, huge saw leads, a breakdown and climax to die for and utilises the vocal to perfection!