Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lyrics: Johan Vilborg & Cristina Soto - Wasting Candles

Wasting Candles
Johan Vilborg & Cristina Soto

Tie me up in knots and wait
Leave the love light on in case
Praying plays a greater part than I ever dreamed
Hang my hope upon the door
Wish for sun out when it pours
I will keep us warm

Can’t say it was for nothing
Can’t say it was for me
Keep the empty hours and let me be
I will keep wasting candles …wasting candles

Light it up and watch it burn
Go it until you return

Lyrics courtesy of Cristina Soto. Single released October 27, 2014 on Enhanced Progressive as part of Enhanced Progressive 200 sampler. If you want to know the meaning, visit http://cristinasoto.com/i-will-keep-wasting-candles/

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