Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lyrics: Straight No Chaser ft. Kristen Bell - Text Me Merry Christmas

Text Me Merry Christmas
Straight No Chaser ft. Kristen Bell

This holiday, you'll be far away
And I'll be all alone
So please remember this December
To fully charge your phone

Text me Merry Christmas
Let me know you care
Just a word or two of text from you
Will remind me you're still there
You don't have to add much to it
One smiley face will do
Baby, text me Merry Christmas
Cause I'm missing kissing you

Straight No Chaser
Text me Merry Christmas
Make my holiday complete
Though you're far from me, say you'll BRB
That's a text I'll never delete
Choose just the right emoji
One that makes me LOL
And if you text me something naughty
I promise I won't tell

I don't care if you spell things right
I just want to hear from you tonight
Stroke those keys with your delicate touch
And type those little words that mean so much

Kristen: Hey
SNC: How are you?
Kristen: Ok
SNC: Miss you
Kristen: Miss you too
SNC: Xmas sucks without you
Kristen: I know LOL
SNC: Love you
Kristen: Love you
SNC: K thanks bye

A Facebook message isn't quite as sweet
I need more from @you than just a tweet

Straight No Chaser
A snap on Snapchat doesn't last

And voicemail, that's from Christmas past

Text me Merry Christmas
Send me a selfie too
If you do I'll go 'neath the mistletoe
And pretend my screen is you
Show me that you love me
Text XO to kiss and hug me
I'll be right here waiting
For my pants to start vibrating
Baby, text me Merry Christmas
And I will text you too
This Christmas it's the least that we can do...

Merry Christmas

Track is from Straight No Chaser's holiday album "Under The Influence: Holiday Edition" released November 18, 2014 on Atlantic Records.

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Kristen Bell - @imkristenbell

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