Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lyrics: Fake Forward & Amba Shepherd - Rewind

Fake Forward & Amba Shepherd

Rewind, and nothing I change, nothing...

When I look back to my life one day,
I know that I wanna be able to say,
And nothing I’ll change, wouldn’t hit rewind,
I’d trade with my dollars to buy it one more time...

Single released September 29, 2014 on Armada Deep.

Fake Forward - Facebook | SoundCloud | @FakeForward
Amba Shepherd - website | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube | @ambashepherd

Rewind (ARDP004):
Rewind (Original Mix)
Rewind (Aidan Lavelle Remix)

A brand new release on Armada Deep by Fake Forward and Amba Shepherd.
This release is all about exploding dance floors with its big bass line and stunning vocal!