Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lyrics: Rambacy ft. Danny Claire - New Life

New Life
Rambacy ft. Danny Claire

Every story ends you know
Sometimes we have to go
Different ways to reach home
Every time we say goodbye
A piece of us dies
Maybe one day we'll be fine

And after every mistake
We're still here and we face
What could possibly be
Our happy ending you'll see
Cos after many heart aches
We're together and we face
What could possibly be
Our happy ending you'll see

You picked me off the ground
Whenever I would feel like I had drowned
You gave new life to me
You gave new life to me

I never knew a love like your before
And every day I know I want you more
You gave new life to me
You gave new life to me

Every story ends I know
But you and me unfold
Every page never told

Lyrics courtesy of Danny Claire. Single released September 22, 2014 on Abora Recordings with remixes by Cold Blue and Fady & Mina

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Danny Claire - website | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube | @DannyClaireLive

New Life (ABRD082):
New Life (Original Mix)
New Life (Cold Rush Remix)
New Life (Cold Rush Dub)
New Life (Fady & Mina Remix: Release Version)
New Life (Fady & Mina Dub)
New Life (Fady & Mina Remix: Harder Version)

Lithuanian producer Rambacy debuts on Abora with his new vocal uplifter 'New Life', featuring the beautiful emotional vocals of Danny Claire.

The Original Mix is a 128 bpm proglifter with some very energetic beats combined with a general dancing vibe that will put you into a real positive state! Everything has been smoothly combined into some happy feelings and an upbeat rendition powered by the emotional vocals of Danny Claire.

Estonian duo Cold Rush provide the first remix, speeding up the tempo. This is pure uplifting trance! Basslines are faster and harder, featuring a light piano synth that initiates the emotional breakdown. The breakdown creates a perfect mix of blissful and clubby atmospheres, enhanced by the dazzling vocals of Danny Claire. A dub mix without the vocals is also provided. These two are the smoothest and most peaceful remixes of the release.

Legendary Egyptian duo Fady & Mina provide our other remix. Featuring sharp punchy beats, their banging vision adds dreamy elements and a beautiful emotional and danceable melody to get you lost in the music. It includes more mesmerizing vocals and a breakdown slightly extended by some soothing piano lines. Then punchy beats arrive, along with the catchy melody and some great trance rhythms. This is total immersion into a banging vibe!

There are 3 versions of the Fady & Mina: the Release Version of the vocal remix (the only vocal version to be sold in stores) is comparatively softer and provides a little more downtime. In contrast, both the Dub Mix and the Harder Version of the vocal remix have been engineered to be punchier. Fady & Mina have designed these two harder versions especially for their own live sets.

This is a truly wonderful vocal uplifting release that perfectly describes what trance really is!