Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lyrics: Craig Connelly ft. Cate Kanell - Shipwreck

Craig Connelly ft. Cate Kanell

There was a day
I thought I would lose you
And I would cling to
The whispering whys

There was a night
I built a wall up
Too tall, too dangerous
For you to climb

There was a moment
I tried
To counter forever
And turn the tide
But then I made up
My mind
So I surrender
I surrender

I don't wanna fight forgiveness
Lay my weapons on the floor
Bury all of my defenses
No more
I don't wanna watch the fearless
From my shipwreck on the shore
Lying in your arms I feel this
And now I soar

Lyrics written by courtesy of Cate Kanell. Single will be released January 19, 2015 on A State Of Trance.

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