Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lyrics: Aruna - The End (Husman Vs. Aruna Club Mix)

The End (Husman vs. Aruna Club Mix)

Blood in the wind
Dust in the sky
The daylight's burning down
The end closing in
One breath at a time
And no one can save me now
But out of the dark
A force will emerge
And it won't back down
We are where we are
The edge of the earth
With only one way out

So rise up
Stand tall
We can siphon the fire from the sun
Head first
As we fall
There's nothing to lose when you're under the gun
One shot
One track
And we'll take it as far as it goes
We can't stop
Til we crash
Into the light at the end of the road

Released February 16, 2015 on Enhanced Recordings (ENHANCED215B).

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