Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lyrics: Eraserheads - Wishing Wells

Wishing Wells

I wish I could go back to those fairy book tales
Forget the real world awhile
And seek the sees of the talking whales
A place of wishing wells and magic spells
Where everything starts out once upon a time
Long, long ago and ends happily ever after

I could go up the hill and run with Jill
The giant could smell I'm no English man
Cinderella dance with me at the ball
I told the queen of hearts about my plan
I traveled wonderland with Alice
I met with Snow White in the woods
I flew with Peter Pan in never, never land
Picked some berries with Ms. Red Riding Hood

Repeat Chorus

I could be an outlaw in the west
Save the damsels in distress
We could sleep a hundred years
I could wake you up with a kiss
We'll swim the seven seas
We could make love more than twice
Fly like dragons in the skies

We could hang around on trees
Or buzz around like bees
We could make some honey
We don't need no money baby
Just turn your back
You'll see jumping jelly beans sack
Just wait for me jack
I'll be back, I'll be back

Repeat Chorus

Track from their second studio album "Circus" released October 25, 1994 on BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc. The album was certified seven times platinum by PARI. The album was voted the Album of the Year during the NU Rock Awards in 1995.

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Circus (MRMC 050):
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A2. Sembreak
A3. Alapaap
A4. Hey, Jay
A5. Minsan
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A8. With A Smile
B1. Alkohol
B2. Wishing Wells
B3. Kailan
B4. No Royality Album Filler No. 9
B5. Magasin
B6. Butterscotch
B7. Sa Wakas
B8. Prof. Banlaoi's Transcendental Medication
B9. After Every Six Months Or Punk Zappa Three

Bonus Track (CD)
18. Waiting
19. Kailan Lounge