Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lyrics: KhoMha ft. Mike Schmid - Restart

KhoMha ft. Mike Schmid

This is the hour
Everything will change
The world is open
Forgive your mistakes
Don’t look back now
It’s open washed away
The stars are shifting
Your case could be okay

Nothing on this earth could break your heart
Nothing on this earth could tear you apart
This is your moment
This is your moment to restart

You feel it
Coursing through your veins
You need it
To take the pain away
You want it
Each and every day
Remember what I say

Anytime you need to
Anytime you want to
Just restart

Released October 11, 2015 on Armada Captivating (ARCV027). This is KhoMha's first vocal track.

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