Monday, October 26, 2015

Lyrics: Sied Van Riel ft. Chloe - Hear You Calling

Hear You Calling
Sied Van Riel ft. Chloe

Tell me what it is, tell me what it is
That's inside you
Show me what it is, show me what it is
The defines you

And you know, that we live free
And you know, it's meant to be

Deeper in my mind, deeper in my mind
Where I find you
Open up your eyes, let you heart decide
Where to guide you

And you know, it's what we need
And you know, it's not just a dream

Under the sky, I hear you calling
Under the sky, when you call my name

Released October 5, 2015 on Rielism (RIELISM008) with a remix by Evil Sardine.

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