Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lyrics: Somna & Jennifer Rene - Back To Life

Back To Life
Somna & Jennifer Rene

Is there hope in the way I feel right now,
Can I feel over everything I need,
There’s a light in the dark I see you now,
And it starts such a spark inside of me…

‘Cause you got the fire,
And you bring me back to life,
You got the fire,
And for once my life seems bright,
And everything I feel,
I never felt something as real,
You got the fire,
And you bring me back,
Bring me back to life…

There’s a glow in the warmth I feel right now,
And it burns all the emptiness in me,
And I feel everything starting now,
You light a flame in my heart where it should be…

Released September 28, 2015 on AVA Recordings (AVA1121).

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