Friday, January 15, 2016

Lyrics: Arctic Moon & Apple One ft. Diana Leah - Who We Are

Who We Are
Arctic Moon & Apple One ft. Diana Leah

I close my eyes and drift away
It`s you who i see, the dark side of me

So hard to know which road to choose
It`s easy to fall, this time i won`t fall

I can feel the passion running through my veins
it is who we are
you can build your towers again
this is who we are.

Like fire rain through desert skies
we turn our eyes away from the lies.
you`ll never know what lies behind
the truth you`ll find, it`s a state of mind.

we are dreamers sent from above
it is who we are.
our souls have been hurt the most.
this is who we are.

Lyrics courtesy of Diana Leah. Released August 14, 2015 on Future Sound of Egypt Excelsior (FSOEX020) with a remix of Bjorn Akesson.

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